Ever since my chances of talking long time doing nothing has diminished I've been thinking of a way to complain about others and make observations about the universe.Thought of doing a wordpress thinngy that looked like a journal , thought of keeping a real journal .Both did not work out . So trying out this.
When we grow up we learn to live in the world , we learn things about people , we learn how things work out , how people become successful .Successful eh ? Lets just say success is about scoring a value out of a maximum value in your life. The funny thought i have these days is that we set the maximum value . We look on to others and set our limits , what if i decide to be happy i did not need to write a book or makeĀ  $7500000 or whatever bigg thing you once wanted to achieve ?
After finding food and shelter and comforts , does the man look onto make a mark in the earth ? Does he wish to be remembered ? Is it what makes the people who are remembered from those who die ? Does man , in his nature , have this desire to dominate ?

Why do i at all want to write a journal ? Do i want to read them ?