Its just a dew days that i've noticed that i forget things , i forget things that i never thought i would . Those days at school now seem far away . And college seems like a dream i had yesterday that i am beginning to forget . Like every mortal i want to make my mark here . I want your children know i existed , and i want to increase my typing speed as a side effect . This is not the first time , from blogger to wordpress to something(a blogging? software) i wrote myself , there has been a lot of attempts at writing stuff .

If you've ever tried learning rails , you've started by rails blog or rails new blog . From the many rails tutorials seen , a liking for todo lists and short twitter like updates has gotten into me. I love ticking off todos .

Let me jot down things here , let me try to keep a journal . Things are moving fast around me , and there is a lot of stuff happening , i am evolving , it would be nice to have something like a stop-motion movie of my life