So i had this gmail ID that i once felt was uber-cool and not anymore. So i decided to move on to another gmail account , with a proper name. I had some 28 filters and 33 labels in my old gmail account . So here is how i went about it :

First enable labs in gmail , and then the filter import , export lab in gmail .
Export all your gmail labels , import into your new account using the same gmail lab feature.

Unsubscribe from all the google-groups and all other mailing lists , when you click show details on an email , there is a chance that you will find ,
unsubscribe Unsubscribe from this mailing-list
clicking on it will auto-send the unsubscribe message to the list .Once you've unsubscribed from all of those , go ahead and subscribe using your new account .
However ,do not unsubscribe in case you were a manager in google groups -- you will be unsubscribed and no more a manager : ( .

Export all your contacts to google CSV , import it from other account .

Set all forwards from your various gmail/email addresses to your new accounts .

The worst part is buzz , which i am wondering how to migrate.
Now there is another tough part of managing chats , i cant add all these contacts to chat as it will send them all the gmail invitations , and sending gmail invitation to a mailing list is a stupidity i've done earlier and don't want to repeat .
So that was a test post for learning to type and to test if i could post to posterous from my new mail Id too.