Dear friend ,
If ever you have given me that look or told me that i was crap because i used linux for my computer unlike you , here is an explanation for you

I started using linux(opensuse->ubuntu->archlinux) at home after a year of windows , for three years. After a month out of college , i  started off as a ruby on rails developer.The computer i got at work had windows XP installed , i learnt ruby and rails on it .I was uncomfortable , but it was ok , there was no virus , so it was not choking to use windows .Besides i did not want to be given that "why-are-you-wearing-your-underwear-over-your-pants" look from my team mates

Then i started getting sick of windows again.This time it was not the virus . it was the command line ,

  • It had no tab completion
  • It had not grep
  • I was not good browsing through the windows directory structure.
  • You had to type ruby script/server when back home in my bash i just needed to type script/server
  • I could not detach the mongrel/webrick instance , One windows was always to be open for server .
  • You could not tab-complete at the rails console
  • irb felt ugly.
  • there was no ps  and no top .
  • passenger wouldn't run nicely in windows (back then this was not a big deal as i did not know what passenger was)
I was fed up , windows was not meant for development , not for me atleast .
Most of the rails guys used mac , I couldn't  -- I had only a PC and i had a general dislike for mac.
Somebody already sick of cmd had installed console^2 , but it did not help much.

Finally i made my decision , i now use ubuntu 10.04 + netbeans for ruby on rails development .

 And above all i got a kalashnikov instead of a stick , i got a decent *nix terminal . I am a happier developer .

What i know now is ,  the best OS is where you can make the best use of your computer . For many it is the windows , for some it is the mac . But for me , it is definitely GNU/linux . <3