It is a Saturday evening, I am moderately demotivated.I was looking around for some light reading like big metal chickens. Since such good things are rare ,I was at hn/twitter ,to reach Reading Hacker News is not launching to reach anyasq .Then I come across this tale :$200

This is marvellously inspiring because :
1) It is about sky.
2) It is about going UP to the sky.
3) It is about actually doing it with your college mates.

That is a one hell of a life to live Manu Sharma, your story tells me , what our boundaries and limits are :
They are mere excuses our lazy mind makes up,there are non-existent like the thin air between you and sky.And like ismu told me , we all can fly for real - we just forgot how to go into that mode.

BTW A lion is learning to speak.Our tales of hunting will be questioned...