Some time ago, we(me and sooraj) were at college.I was crazy about my 1 yr old PC.Sooraj was not crazy about his 6yr old PC.He was crazy about computers that run internet.Eventually he bought a VPS.I had my first SSH access.We had to do something with it.
I do not remember how it started.We were doing bingo in PHP.

I learned sending XMLHttpRequest , processing the returned text.,session and all those things.We deployed it at is down now). Played with it for almost a month, left it.
Then someday i heard about github,bingo was the only thing I could put there.. so that was put there.

Recently I had to solve a problem,the core of which asked me to implement basic http polling.I solved the problem.

When I realized that I had solved this polling problem in Bingo,it was a moment of joy.It is still a joyous moment every time to download that repo , run the sql and to see it working like i think it should.

Seeing your past creations is an immense self confidence booster.It sort of sets some floor for you to stand on.It inspires you to get better.So publish your code, it may look like nothing today, but someday it will be a reminder of your creativity.

Ok I am not old enough to post this, I know ,but may be someday I can laugh at myself seeing this post.