Gho (Github Open) is a shell function :

In zsh :

gho () {
    open "https://`git config --get remote.origin.url|sed -e s/.git//g|sed s,:,/,g`/$1"

Or if you’re using fish shell. ( You should try fish, the autocomplete is nice!) :

function gho
  set repo (git config --get remote.origin.url|sed -e s/^git@//g|sed -e s/\.git\$//g|sed s,:,/,g)
  open "https://$repo/$argv"

(Updated this function to a working version)

Make sure open command opens a URL. In my linux machine I have aliased open to xdg-open.

Put this in your ~/.zshrc or ~/.config/fish/ for fish shell.

Now with gho, you can :

gho pulls to open pull requests page.

gho issues to open issues page.

gho pull/12 to open pull #12.

gho something to open current directory's repo's URL/something.